Saturday, April 7, 2012

disconnect and recharge

For the past week I have been phone has stopped holding a charge.  I have been using my husbands cell phone, which thankfully we had never turned off when he got a job that came with a phone, so I can at least make calls in an emergency. 

What I have been discovering is that it is really NOT necessary for me to have a phone with a million bells and whistles.  Without access to facebook, twitter, foursquare, yelp, email, words with friends, scramble...etc...I am actually OK.  In fact, I feel a weight has been lifted.  I no longer have to be concerned with daily check-ins, coming up with witty 140 character messages or following the tweets of my favorite tv stars.  I've discovered that those things are a luxury, not a necessity.  Now, I love technology, don't get me wrong, I believe that the evolution of a modern technologically advanced society includes social media formats and platforms.  I am of the opinion that for some, this technology allows them to connect with others and opens them to new ideas and experiences that they otherwise may not have. 

BUT - now that I am disconnected, I don't think I NEED a phone that has applications.  I can survive with a phone that does calling and texting.  I am enjoying that I don't have access to twitter or facebook 24/7.  I have discoverd that I don't have many interesting things to say.  I'm NOT as important as I think I am.  LOL.  No one needs a play by play of my daily life and honestly, I don't need to read a daily play by play of other people's lives.  Maybe this disconnect period has led me to a new era in my own life.  Time to focus on those around me, my day to day life and me.  Less focus on how to make preparing dinner and getting the kids ready for bed a witty commentary for others to enjoy.