Monday, June 23, 2008

the NEW dress

So this past Saturday my mom, my sister and I headed to Bridals by Valerie to review the original dress and decide what to do. Now, I knew it looked bad going in, and it really got me down, so I expected Beth and my mom to either LOVE it or HATE it...and both of them thought it was HIDEOUS. Which was funny...just because Beth was really blunt - she was like "oh no Jenny, take it off" and my mom, who later told me she was trying to put on a brave face said "it's not THAT bad" but deep down she knew, it was just awful.

so...with that information, the choices were limited. we could do our best with what we had and the seamstress could work on trying to work with the material OR we could just give up and get another dress, which is what we ended up doing.

Beth, my mom and Emily the seamstress went to the discontinued rack and looked at the options. These are the dresses that are no longer available to order, but they still have one in the store. I tried on a bunch of them...and we ended up narrowing it down to two...both are off white, one was more simple and the other was a little more elaborate. Just based on what was going to best fit my baby belly...we went with the one that was a bit more elaborate.

i should say here that what's "elaborate" to me, is really not "elaborate" to anyone else. The dress originally had sleeves, and a really long train, but once altered is now sleeveless and has a very small train, which is FINE with me. The top has a sweetheart neckline with silver beading that is in the shape of flowers and sort of matches the cake oddly enough...and will look very pretty with a bright gerber daisy in my hair.

It's empire waisted and from there just flows down ever so slightly. It's really pretty honestly. Definitely NOT something I'd ever pick out for myself. I am not into beading really, or the flowing thing, but with the fact that I also am not in the shape I was in 24 weeks and 3 days ago - my body at this point wouldn't be able to support the type of dress I would pick. I am a huge fan of simple, no beads, maybe some lace, but this is very flowy and makes my baby and my boobs look good, which is really all a girl can ask for at this point. And it looks like a wedding dress, which I know made my mom happy. She loves the bridal look. During the alterations, we even agreed on a small train, which for me was a hard thing to do - but considering that she is paying for a new dress and alterations in the 11th hour, the least I could do is give in and go for the little train. It made her happy and truthfully it's behind me it's not like I have to look at it.

I feel very lucky to have a mom who is so good to me. She's honest, caring, wonderful and considering how much of a pain in the ass I have been lately about this wedding she truly has been amazing to me. I am so lucky to have her. She is willing to do whatever it takes to make my wedding perfect for me, which is wonderful. I truly appreciate her support!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

so the dress is in...

to say that i love my dress is not accurate. i like it, but by no means do i love it. at 13 weeks pregnant it looked so much different than it did today when i put it on. now at 1 day shy of 24 weeks (6 months) it looked so different. *note photo to the left.

i guess in my mind i didn't really get how i was going to look in this dress...i mean, i thought i'd look cute but still pregnant, but i put the dress on and i didn't hate it, but it certainly wasn't a maternity's a regular dress i'm trying to alter. i just think i should have gotten a maternity gown from the beginning. i don't mind the color, the style or the dress itself, but just not on me.

i actually cried when i put it on...and it wasn't tears of was sad tears. thank GOD for Kerrie. she said she thought i might have a breakdown, but truthfully i had a breakdown. most brides cry because they are so happy with how the look and i cried because i just feel so awkward about being a pregnant bride. i realize that MANY women are pregnant when they get married. I know that rationally in my head...but for whatever reason I just can't accept it and embrace it. i really wish dave and i had put off the wedding UNTIL after i had given birth, so that i could have just enjoyed my wedding without some extra stress of the fact that i am pregnant and don't feel like i'm the bride i always envisioned i'd be. i guess the big thing is though i'm not a girly girl, i always knew that when i did get married it's be a beautiful day full of my family and friends...and that i'd be able to drink, party, and live it up. and that i'd be in a gorgeous dress and look amazing...but since i'm not in my first choice dress and i can barely stay up past 10:00pm this doesn't look like it's going to be the best of times...oh well...i should have thought of this at week and learn on that one i guess.

it's so hard to be a pregnant person anyway - between the swollen feet and ankles, the constant need to pee, the HUGE boobs, and the general feeling of malaise most of the day being pregnant for me has NOT been a picnic but being pregnant and knowing that i'm getting married has been stressing me out a lot. i've had the flu at 8 weeks, random bleeding at 10 weeks, and the shingles for weeks 21 and 22 (random neck rash noted in a few posts prior)! i just don't feel pretty...
now none of this means i don't want to get married, because i am SOOO excited to marry Dave. He's amazing, i'm not worried about that part of it, but i just am not comfortable doing all the traditional marriage stuff...i feel's just me, not anyone else, and i take full responsibility for the feelings i have. it's all me...maybe it's hormones, maybe it's just stress, maybe this all means i have really bitten off more than i can chew with this wedding and a pregnancy...and I NEVER feel clearly i have taken on too much.

details and more details...

well, last weekend we got a lot done regarding the wedding. we ended up going to Petal Pushers in Plymouth to talk flowers, then to Konditer Meister and then to the South Shore Diamond Exchange to get our rings. it was a LONG Saturday and sadly Dave had to miss his nap, but all in all we needed to get these things done.

we ended up going with Gerber Daisies for the centerpieces and bouquets and i ordered all of the flowers for the parents, grandparents, etc. it was a lot of decisions but our florist, Nancy was very understanding and helpful with the process. I am sure the flowers will be totally beautiful and perfect for the event!

As for the cake tasting, now in theory it sounds awesome. you imagine eating TONS of good cake and just loving it, but truthfully i was so over cake when we left there. it was a combo sugar high/buttercream overdose! BUT we did manage to get a cake that we both agreed on. we are doing a 4 tier cake with 2 different types...a chocolate mousse and a vanilla cake with strawberries in it. each tier will be alternating and the whole thing is going to be awesome and taste great. i am just glad i don't have to taste it again for another 3 weeks...and yes, i will have a piece of the chocolate and vanilla on my wedding night. i'm pregnant...and since i can't drink...let me eat cake! hehehe (thanks Marie Antoinette for being so ignorant!)

And the last exciting event of the day was the rings. Dave picked out a titanium band and i got a plain white gold band to match my ring...but because the base of my ring is wider than a normal band, i had to get it molded so that it will fit it perfectly. The damn mold cost 2x the ring! heheheh...the jeweler at South Shore was nice to me and said he'd have them done by the end of the month. So Dave and I will have our rings then. Perfect timing if you ask me. I'd rather not be rushing around worrying about it when we have guests in town. Dave's mom arrives on July 2nd so we definitely need to be prepared to have visitors and I'd like to have most of the details finalized so I have nothing to do.

This whole wedding business is honestly a lot of work and details, and it's funny because I spent 7 years planning and executing events for other people, now i'm working on my own event..which is fun and exciting but still time consuming. I can see why brides are just exhausted at the end...and a majority of them aren't also carrying their first child!

Monday, June 9, 2008

reply cards are in!!!

today i checked my mail and we got a BUNCH of reply cards!! So I did my spreadsheet (yes, i said spreadsheet) and we have 44 yes responses, and 3 no responses in this batch. *i am counting it's 47 people total have responded. it's exciting to think people are actually getting back to us and this is REALLY going to happen. i know i am excited and ready for this wedding to take place!
i've got a to do list of stuff we need to get done this week...and i know it will be fun, but it's also a lot to take in. i know dave and i can get all of it done, we just need to get's crunch time!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

thank you notes

since i was forced to take a few days off (random neck rash - seeing doctor tomorrow) i had plenty of time on my hands to work on my Thank You cards for all of our wonderful gifts from the shower. In total, I just did 42 cards over 2 days. talk about a writer's cramp in my hand!
i figured i should use the time productively since i am stuck home. i am going to walk over to the post office in a few minutes to mail them.
i am just so grateful that i have so many wonderful people in my life. i really feel very special.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Pictures from the bridal shower...

Yummy Cake!
Grammy, Beth and Mom
Dave and I
Mom and me
Mom, Dave, and I

Here are a few photos from my Bridal Shower. I am looking fat...hahaha, ok well maybe it's not fat...but definitely pregnant!
*Pictures provided by Jen Smead

Sunday, June 1, 2008

the bridal shower

yesterday was amazing. my sister Beth, along with my bridesmaids - Kerrie, Danielle, and Jessica threw an amazing bridal shower at my parents house. i was so touched by how many of my family and friends made it to the party and how wonderful of a time it truly was.

it was originally meant to be a surprise party, but due to circumstances beyond the control of my sister and family i had other plans...plans that i wasn't going to be able to break (i was going to a party for my friend from work who is moving to Colorado). and the co-worker who is leaving is a person i consider to be a mentor and friend in the Education industry. She taught me a lot and I really wanted to go. So when my mom told me she was having a "cookout" on the 31st...I was like...whatever...I have plans, i see you guys all the my sis had to leak the news to me so that I'd actually change plans and come. And let me say I am so happy that I did!

When dave and I got there it was wild. there were like 25 cars up and down my parents street and the house was packed with people! Had it been a nicer day, I think they had intended to do it outside! but it was still very nice even if it was a little rainy.

Dave and I opened TONS of gifts...i am so touched at the generosity of my family and friends. it's wonderful that people really do care so much about us and our upcoming wedding! we got nearly everything we registered for, which is overwhelming in itself. our living room looks like a massive houseware bomb has gone off! it's nice though, it's a good overwhelming!

we are in the process of putting things where they belong and it might take all day...or wait, actually several days I should say. It's fun and will be a fun day of organizing and cleaning that's for sure.

To my mom and dad, who opened up their house for my shower, I cant' say THANK YOU enough. I mean, I know how hard they worked to get the yard mulched, the house cleaned and how much cleaning they probably had to do when we left. It was so nice of them to really do this for us and honor us like this. It's such a joy to know that I have a family that truly cares about me and wants me to be happy. I know especially with Dave's family being in Nebraska and Texas, that it's a nice feeling for him too.

As for Beth, Kerrie, Danielle, and Jessica - these ladies outdid themselves yesterday. I am so touched and honored to have them as friends, cousins, and sisters. I feel so blessed to have such wonderful women in my life. they really took a lot of care and time in preparing this wedding shower for Dave and I. It was definitely an event I won't soon forget.

xxoo - now i need to go eat! a pregnant bride is always hungry!