Sunday, January 13, 2008

save the date cards...

well i spent most of today organizing and getting ready to create my save the date cards. Dave and I headed out this morning to Michael's in Plymouth and I picked out a bunch of cardstock cards and with the use of my printer and some silver stamps...i think i've got it set and ready to go!
Dave was a HUGE help and he was able to cut all the papers I printed and cut the notecards for me! Now I just need to glue, stamp and address to mail them! I am excited that we are going to get these out this coming week so at least our guests know to save the date and get stuff booked! We are having the wedding right after the 4th of July in Plymouth, so as you can bet it's a wicked busy time there for's America's hometown after all! hehehe
They aren't fancy cards or anything but they do the job and that's what I want. I don't think they need to be. They are truly just so people know to keep the date open and remind them that we want to share our special day with them!
Now that I have tomorrow off thanks to a large Nor'Easter coming into town, I am going to have fun putting cards together and getting them ready to mail! Gotta Love that! My goal is by Friday to have them all in the mail so that people will be sure to get their hotels booked...especially since my Aunt told me that she called to book her hotel room and that they told her they didn't even have any King rooms left! So she and my Uncle and to get a double!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

wedding colors...

Right now I'm trying to decide on wedding colors. It's really hard for me to decide what colors I want to use for the wedding! I really like oranges, yellows..but I'm so not sure!
I really think that the colors are the hardest thing to decide on when it comes to wedding planning.
I've also decided that I really don't care what dresses the bridesmaids wear for dresses. I'm fine with picking a few colors and letting them pick the dresses and the color they want their dress to be. As long as they all look nice together, that's all that really matters to me. I figure that if I'm asking people to be in the wedding and spend $$ on the dresses that they should be dresses that each girl likes and feels as pretty as they can in.
I am not going to be one of those brides who puts their bridesmaids in stupid taffeta dresses that make them look frumpy. I want the ladies I have chosen to be in the wedding to feel happy about what they are wearing.
Right now, I'm leaning towards the color schemes of oranges, yellows, purples, blues...I wish I actually knew what I was going to do. But maybe when I go to the store and look at dresses I will actually be able to make a decision.
I might even just leave it up to the girls in the wedding. It's too much to really decide on my own! I figure I should delegate some stuff right?