Monday, November 26, 2007

Checking out the venues

So today my mom and I checked out two potential venues for the wedding! First we headed to the Radisson Hotel in Rockland, MA and met with their Sales Manager. The package seemed very reasonable and the room was nice. It would be able to accomodate our guests and do our ceremony right in the room, which I love! We liked it, but we're not certain just we checked out the Cohasset Harbor Resort in Cohasset and LOVED the view, but it was the hotel accomodations that totally what we are looking for...I feel like we could do better to get rooms somewhere it isn't' going to be there.
We have one place left to look at this week - The Radisson Hotel in Plymouth Harbor, which both Dave and I have high hopes for.
Now that I'm starting to do this wedding planning stuff, I am feeling like it's more real than ever before. I guess it was always real, I mean I am engaged, but real like we're moving forward in the decision making process. How fun!!!
I'm actually watching "wedding planners" on We TV and I have to say...these people are wild! I can't imagine hiring someone to do all of this! but i guess if you have the big bucks it makes sense to give someone else the dirty work to do!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

picking the place

so Dave and I have found a few places we like for the ceremony and reception and we hopefully will be visiting them in the next week or two. we've narrowed it down to the Cohasset Harbor Resort, The Radisson in Plymouth, and the Hilton in Plymouth. All three are really beautiful and I think would be perfect venues for our wedding - July 10th, 2008 - a Thursday it should be cheaper and easier to secure a room.
We figured that a Thursday would be more fun since we will have so many family members and friends coming here from out of town and that way they aren't rushing to just come in for the weekend and not get to enjoy New England.
More details to follow...