Thursday, May 29, 2008

the guys suits...and other details...

so after a lot of talk, and a few visits to JoS. A. Bank Dave has decided on what the boys will be wearing at the wedding. he decided to go with the same suit that our friend Dan wore at his wedding - the 3 button Poplin Oyster suit with a gold pocket square and a white shirt. it should look really nice and very casual, but still awesome. As for shoes...he has yet to decide. I am just glad that he picked something for the wedding...i know he wasn't sure what he wanted so this is a good step forward for the guys.

i actually just emailed my brother the info in FL so he can get his stuff soon too. it seems like the more details that come together, the more real the wedding seems to me. there has just been so much going on with me that is NOT wedding related that i am amazed at how quickly time is flying by!!

my mom was awesome and came down last sunday to help me address all of the envelopes and jen smead helped me the day before with assembling the invites. they look AWESOME and i am excited to start picking seats and getting this all set up for the big day. it should be really fun and a really happy day. i am definitely looking forward to it. Dave is so great...rather than just gush...i should just say that he's a wonderful man and i couldn't be happier or luckier to have found him - oh the joy of love...ok...enough gushing..

we also have an appointment with the florist...we are going to to gerber daisies for the centerpieces and for the girls and i to hold during the wedding...i am now just trying to pick ones that i really's hard to decide what i really want them to look example is above of one idea i like...just very simple and summery looking and i could get colors that match the gals colors in the wedding!! i think they'll look very cute and not be super expensive...which is what i really like...i hate the idea of spending a lot of money on flowers that are just going to die anyway!
tomorrow i need to set up our cake tasting appointment and then all will almost be dress is still out there and should be in during the first week in june...i am excited to get that fitted as well...oh yeah...the wedding is coming fast and furious!

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Invites - oh the sweet fun of invites! I designed them myself and came up with a creative way to decorate them! I decided to stamp them with a dragonfly and flower stamp. they are very simple, but they came out beautifully. i love that they aren't really flamboyant. they are simple, understated and look really very unique.
I just need to print out the direction sheet and then I will be sending them out on Tuesday. I am so glad that they are just about done!
My mom was very cool and came down to visit and help me address all the envelopes...which really helped a lot. She said she didn't feel like she was doing much to help me with the wedding, but as I told her, she's helped with a LOT of the details. Without her, I think that I'd probably not have a dress, or bridesmaid dresses, or really have the skill to actually set up the wedding...I love that she has given me her brilliant sense of organization.
I am glad that the details are coming together though...we have only a few more loose ends to tie up.
All that's left is:
- Alterations on my dress
- Seating Chart
- meeting with JOP
- meeting with DJ
- meeting with Photographer
- meeting wtih Radisson Event Coordinator for day of details
- meeting with Konditermeister for cake talks
- meeting with Petal Pushers florist
- men's suits
- wedding rings
- bathroom baskets

oh the fun...details coming together! only about 6 weeks to go right??!!