Monday, March 16, 2009

waking up sober in a jail cell

so i've never experienced this, and I hope I never do, but a gentleman driving down my street yesterday at approximately 3:45pm was fortunate enough to have that experience today.

i was sitting at my kitchen table, just paying our bills, when i heard the sound of metal scraping against the pavement. i of course jumped up and went to the front door. I looked out and saw a black SUV just sitting in front of my house. I went outside and ran into my neighbor, who was also out there because heard the commotion from his backyard, where he was cooking on his grill. We looked and had no idea what had happened, but from the sound of it, and the smoke, it appeared like he had possibly dropped his transmission on my street. I came back in and woke dave up from his nap. Both he and Olivia were taking a little nap. he went outside to see if the guy needed help, and came back in to tell me that he had infact HIT a fire hydrant and it appeared he had been drinking. Dave immediately picked up the phone to call the police and report the situation.

by now, several of my neighbors came out to see what was going on, including the guy who had the fire hydrant driven into the side of his parked car. I watched as all the neighbors came out and started calling the cops. The street was filled with people watching the driver of the black SUV sit in the street. He was clearly not sure what was going on and at one point he seemed to even try to drive away - but luckily he had two flat tires and a smashed hood so his car was totaled.

The arrived pretty quickly and gave the guy who was driving the black SUV a sobriety test...which he failed. He was cuffed, stuffed and driven away by 4:30pm.

I am glad this guy was caught. It was a beautiful day out and he hit a fire hydrant. Thank God that was all he hit. There are children who live on my street and it could very easily have been a child riding a bike or playing on the sidewalk. My street isn't a through way. It runs parallel to the main road and usually is travelled by residents and friends of residents. I think it's awful and foolish that people drink and drive. i am VERY much against it, so I hope when this clown who was driving that car woke up in jail today he realized just how dangerous he is..and how important it is that he NEVER drinks and drives again!

Friday, March 13, 2009

you know your a mommy when...

You know your a mommy when...

1. it's 8:15pm, all the lights are out at your house...everyone is alseep, including you.

2. you go out to shop in old ratty sweats with unbrushed hair, while baby is all dressed up!

3. you praise DVR! you can catch up on your shows during the late night feedings.

4. even when you are dead tired, one little smile can wake you right up!

5. you should buy stock in Kodak due to the amount of pictures you now take.

6. everytime you go into Target, no matter what you need, you head to the children's department first, just in case there is a cute outfit on sale!

7. You wash more bottles than you do dishes.

8. you sing songs about pee-pee everyday to your child just because it makes them smile.

9. you don't sleep past 7am EVER!

10. you think about your pre-baby life, but wouldn't change a thing!

Monday, March 2, 2009

buttons and babies

finally, nearly 4.5 months after baby O was born, i am able to button my pants again. fantastic isn't it - the small pleasures we take in life. buttoning my pants is such a small thing, but knowing that i can do it makes me happy.
i am only 2 lbs. away from my pre-baby O weight, which is a fairly amazing feat considering my effort to lose this weight has been minimal. I mean, i eat healthy, work out as much as I can and take care of myself, but it's not like i am a workout fanatic.
I am just glad that I am so close to being back to my normal self. Once the weather FINALLY gets nice I do actually plan on going out more often and enjoying the beautiful weather and going for walks with little O. That will be fun.