Sunday, August 24, 2008

i'm harboring a fugitive

so today i'm 33 weeks and 2 days along and i am COUNTING the days until Baby G joins us! i'm guessing that most pregnant women get to this point around this stage of pregnancy. i'm just done at this point. i feel fat, bloated and honestly tired all the time.
my nose is always stuffy so i have constant post nasal drip and a sinus headache, my ankles and feet get swollen if i stand up or sit down, so i can't really win and every night i wake up every 3 hours to go the bathroom, oh and i need 5 pillows to sleep comfortably! lol.
the complaints are minimal i guess, because really right now i'm fine otherwise. just cranky i guess...oh well.
i start work "officially" on Tuesday, though truthfully i've been working since the begining of August anyway. i really feel like i've made a lot of progress and hope to really get things moving come September so that when I do go out on Maternity leave things at the school will be set. i do figure that with me out for 3 months a lot of things won't get done...but i'll do my best to get things set up before i go...and if i can, i'd even consider working a few days from home or something during maternity leave. i don't think i'll get bored, i'm just a work-a-holic so i always feel the need to work. (i think i get that from my mom!)
we got our wedding pictures back this past week as well, seriously 1100 photos is an amazing amount to need to review and pick from. i have them on my computer and gave my mom the disks to go through on her end. it's going to be a lot, but hpoefully we can get it done by the time the baby is born. i'd like to have the wedding stuff done by then at least!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

birthing class

today dave and i went to birthing class. we got lucky because only two women registered - me and another girl. usually those classes are 13 to 15 couples and it takes two 6 hour days, but since it was only 2 couples (or rather Dave and I and another girl and her aunt) it was only one 5 hour day.

i thought the class was ok. it was good because we got some clarification on how things would go and the timetable for how long it could last, which was good, but it wasn't any information i couldn't have gotten on the internet or from talking to friends. the big thing was learning the terminology and knowing what to expect on the big day. the instructor was funny and explained all the possible things that could happen. i didn't get stressed despite the fact that so many things could happen, which is not normal for me, since usually i worry about every detail, but for some reason when it comes to child birth i don't seem to worry, i sort of just figure i can go with the flow. women have been doing this birthing thing for years, i am sure i'll be fine.

at this point we aren't sure if i will be having a c-section or a vaginal delivery. baby g is still breech, which means head up - feet down and trust me...i get kicked in the pelvis ALL the time so it's not like the little one is moving into position. i have a feeling that he or she doesn't want to move, and i can't blame him or her. i get nauseous when i'm hung upside down for long periods of time too! maybe he or she is just happy head if that's the case we'll schedule a C-Section and just go with it. i'm not going to worry about that until we get to that point though. there's nothing i can do about it today anyway.

now it's time for dinner, i'm pregnant and out!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

almost there...

so i'm finally in the home stretch of my pregnancy...31 weeks, 1 day today! it's exciting cause i'm ready to be done with the pregnancy honestly...

- i'm getting tired again, sort of like the first trimester, but now i'm bigger so it's harder to get comfy to take naps!

- the baby keeps kicking me and flipping all over the place...granted, that's what we want, it's just giving me heartburn and indigestion so it's not all that fun!

- i have cankles on the really humid days, which if anything is funny, and sort of annoying but it does limit what shoes i can really wear so that keeps me from being very fashionable.

but truthfully overall it's not THAT bad...the small annoyances will be worth it in about 2 months when Dave and I get to embark on our next journey - parenthood!
i am excited and scared to be a parent...being that i have no clue what babies need or what they do...but i know that i'll learn, and i have a lot of moms around me (including my mom, grammy, and aunts) who i can call and ask questions at any time! at this point i am just hoping that we can afford it we are getting closer i know i can figure out the baby care, but the finances are starting to freak me out a bit. it's amazing how expensive babies are...and knowing that we only have 2 months left until the baby comes (possibly earlier - but hopefully not too much earlier) we are really going to have to tighten the belt around the home...which stinks, but we need to get used to the idea that we can't be going out to dinner or spending recklessly...having a child is going to change the financial picture a lot, but we are going to be ok!
Good Thing I buy the cheap shampoo! lol!

Monday, August 4, 2008

the house on hospital hill

We're in. We've moved and I'm here today sitting in my new living room. Our new place is starting to get set up. Slowly but surely it's coming along!

On Friday evening Dave and his friend Artie moved ALL the furniture. Seriously moved everything and my mom and I did the packing and I did the light lifting. Then on Saturday my parents came down around 9 and helped us finish up in Brant Rock so that we could get everything moved. Danielle came down too and brought Chris' truck which was a HUGE help for some of the things we had left.

After that we all headed up to Quincy to do the final unload and unpack. It's amazing how much stuff Dave and I had stuck under beds, put away in closets, etc. Since we don't have nearly the amount of storage space we are very lucky to have a nice storage space in the basement for a lot of our items.

My mom and I went to KMart and Bed Bath and Beyond to get a few last minute items and she was very helpful and thoughtful about what I would need to get to make the house a better and more liveable place. We got some bins to put my pre-maternity clothes in the basement and some organizational things for our new bathroom.

Danielle took care of my kitchen stuff and my dad was helping Dave and organizing stuff. It was awesome to have such dedicated helpers. I loved it. I am sort of out of commission because I'm pregant so I LOVED having the help from my family. I'm very lucky to have such wonderful relatives who are so dedicated to helping me. I hope they are this dedicated when Baby G arrives! hehehe

And speaking of Baby G, well, we are a little under 10 weeks until the due date. It's exciting and scary. I love that he or she moves all around in my stomach - it's awesome that he or she is so's cute. I figure we'll have our hands full when the little one arrives. I could do without the pain and pressure on my pelvis and the heartburn, but hey...small price to pay for bringing a new person into the world!

Today I am going to get moving after lunch. I need to do some organizing here...getting more things put away and I am even going to work on making dinner so when Dave gets home it's done. I figure it's the least I can do since I'm not working today.