Saturday, October 27, 2007

the breakfast meeting

so today dave and i had breakfast with my talk wedding, talk $$, and figure out some we have between 10k and 12k to spend, obviously i'd like to spend LESS than that, so tomorrow i want to make a preliminary list of dates, a preliminary guest estimate, and then start looking online for places we'd like to go look at.
i'm hoping that we'll be able to also get ideas for the style too. it's hard to try to plan a wedding when you have NO idea what you both really want...i think Dave isn't even sure what he really wants...but we need to figure it out!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

the first meeting...

So next Saturday, Dave & I are going to be sitting down with my parents to talk about some wedding stuff...well really about the $$ part...since my parents are going to be giving us some $ towards the actual wedding, I am getting us all together to sit down and talk about what we are looking at and see if what we can do with the wedding budget we are given.

Dave and I are going to try to have a reasonably priced ceremony anyway as we don't really like all the bells and whistles that are customary and we want to make sure NO ONE goes in debt over just ONE day!

Monday, October 15, 2007

An Engagement Story

On Friday October 12th, 2006 - Dave became my fiance.

He asked me to marry him in my living room. We had just ordered food from the Venus II across the street and were about to settle in to watch the Sox. Dave went upstairs to get his shoes so we could walk over to the restaurant and pick up our food. He came back down and went into the kitchen, I thought he was going out so I got up to follow him out the door. He then turned around, dropped to his knees and asked me if I would love him forever! I immediately said YES! I then dropped to both knees and he said, will you marry me? I again said YES and he put the beautiful ring that I had picked out last week on my finger (i had picked it out, but had no idea when i'd be getting it!)! We then made out a bit, headed over the Venus II to pick up our food, then watched the SOX!

It was the perfect proposal because it was so laid back. there was no wierd public display, no wild fan fare...just love. which is exactly what i wanted there to be! I'm really happy about it and feel like we have a lot of good times ahead!