Saturday, February 14, 2009

Due Date?

Contrary to one person's completely inappropriate question, I am not expecting.

Recently I was asked by a colleague when I was due. Now, though I do realize that my once svelt mid-section has been stretched a bit, I do not think that I look pregnant, in fact; I am a mere 3 lbs away from my pre-baby weight. So to be asked rather bluntly "So, when is your baby due?" I was not only taken aback, but quite honestly, I was offended.

I responded with "Actually, my baby was due in October, she's 4 months old now." I tried to be cool and calm, which in turn I believe made this person feel even worse. Their face got a charming shade of crimson as they said in a rather embarrassed tone, "Oh, so you are a new mom?" Nice.

As an educator I try really hard to impart on my students the nuances of social cues and behavior, which for most of them are all ready hard to read, but I do believe that none of them would ask a woman when her child is due without a dramatic cue that they were in fact expecting.

All that being said, my baby is 4 months old. She just had her 4 month check up in fact and is currently weighing in at 15lbs 1oz. and is 26 inches tall. She smiles, laughs and coos. She can roll on her side and is working on leaning on her elbows when on her stomach. She enjoys being nude, likes to drink 6-7oz. of formula at each feeding, enjoys music videos and the Fox 25 News at 5am. She is starting to look more like me everyday and loves to look at the "baby" in the mirror.

Now, I am not expecting another small friend. Am I mad that someone thought I was? Not Really...I just hope it's a lesson to them to NOT ask that question unless you are 1oo% sure you are not going to ask a really inappropriate question.